Synapshot Treatment Planning Software – Brought to You by XCPT.

Recognizing that doctors have a natural ability to “see” a diagnosis, Synapshot provides oral health professionals a new way of creating Care Plans that include a combination of images, graphics, text and mark-up. With Synapshot, it’s never been easier to coordinate patient care.  Now, oral health professionals can easily communicate with their patients about their symptoms, diagnosis and proposed treatment.

New Feature Highlights

Synapshot software has added several new features that expand the ways oral health professionals will communicate with their patients, as well as their referrals, about a proposed treatment. While the same great software features of XCPT’s  original product still exist, these new tools have been added to make our software even easier for new users to learn and use for the first time.

Integrated Patient Education Module

Patients can learn more about their proposed treatment directly from the care plan, by launching procedure-specific videos hosted in the Cloud. Videos can be selected from key words or based upon the objects (graphics) added to the care plan.  This module can be added to your base Synapshot software at any time.

Voice Notes

Doctors can add additional detail to their documentation by recording their own voice directly onto the care plan. Recordings are automatically attached and embedded into the plan.

Cloud Document Management

Synapshot manages shared documents via the cloud.  You can store practice specific notes, videos, and presentations for future recall.

Favorites Gallery

It’s easier than ever to find your most commonly used notes, labels and objects with our Favorites Gallery.

Integrated capturing tool

Capturing images is easier than ever before.  Use our built in tool to import CT scans, x-rays and photos quickly so that you can begin a care plan right away.  Once you’ve captured your images, they are easily found again in your patient specific image album.